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I provide professional, effective, stylish Business Cards design. At an affordable price.

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Who I am

Hi my name is Randy Whitehead, located in Newport, R.I. I have been creating websites since 2000. In that time I have created, static web site, and Dynamic (Content Management Systems), for large to small businesses. I believe everyone should have an up to date well designed website. No matter how small, or large you will be happy with the price and design.

I'm a web designer and web application development Professional. My goal is to provide professional, effective, stylish website design and development. At an affordable price.

What I do

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Logo Design & Branding

To create a “brand” for a company is to create their image, and to promote that image with campaigns and visuals.

Affordable Web Design

I am an affordable web designer based in Newport R.I. specializing in web design for small and large business. My pricing makes me a good choice in web development.

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